2012-2013 U.S. Birth Projections Available

The 3rd Quarter Edition of The U.S. Fertility ForecastTM  is now available. This forecast provides projections for U.S. births by quarter for 2011, 2012, and 2013. Forecasts are also broken down by education, race and ethnicity. Demographic Intelligence’s 2010 birth forecast was 99.8% accurate. For more information on annual subscriptions or single reports, contact us at 888-543-5277 or Steve@USbirthrate.com.

2011 U.S. Birth Forecast released

Demographic Intelligence (DI) has released the September Edition of The U.S. Fertility ForecastTM  to annual subscribers. The DI forecast was 99.8% accurate in its projections for 2010 U.S. births.

The U.S. Fertility ForecastTM  predicts long-term birth trends through 2025, in addition to providing quarterly birth counts for 2011-2013.

Highlights of Data in the September Report
-Total birth projections for 2011-2013
-Birth projections by Education and Ethnicity for 2011-2013
-Projections for First Births for 2011-2013
-Various birth scenarios through 2025 based on different economic conditions
-Historical analysis of birth trends back to 2000

For the first time, Demographic Intelligence will be offering an Express Data Service for customers interested solely in accurate birth estimates for 2011.  The Express Data Service is an instant, cost-effective way to obtain annual and quarterly birth projections for 2011, as well as a summary of recent trends in U.S. births.  Email Express@USbirthrate.com to receive more information.

For more information, contact us at 888-543-5277 or Steve@USbirthrate.com.

New Federal Birth Numbers Confirm Industry Report

The U.S. Fertility Forecast TM was 99.8% accurate in its prediction for 2010 births, according to data from the recent federal report, Recent Trends in Births and Fertility Rates Through 2010. Demographic Intelligence (DI) had predicted in its earlier report that U.S. births would fall to 4.015 million in 2010. The true total, according to the CDC, was 4.007 million. This means the DI estimate was 99.8% accurate.

So, where are U.S. births headed in 2011, 2012, and beyond? If your company or organization needs to know where the U.S. juvenile products industry is headed in the future, order The U.S. Fertility Forecast TM today. Our report provides predictions for U.S. births five years out, and also breaks out predictions by education, birth order, and race/ethnicity. Call 888-543-5277 or email Steve@USbirthrate.com today for details.