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Demographic Intelligence is the premier provider of U.S. birth forecasts and fertility analytics. Our quarterly U.S. Fertility Forecast™ provides valuable and innovative demographic insights that are not available anywhere else. With a remarkable track record of 98+% accuracy, our forecasts allow businesses, healthcare providers, and investors to see where fertility trends in the United States are headed.

The U.S. Fertility Forecast™ projects total U.S. births 24 months out (by quarter), and breaks down forecasts by first births, mother’s age, education, race, ethnicity, and other key factors. This report also projects U.S. birth totals out 5, 10, and 15 years.

In addition to the U.S. Fertility Forecast™, Demographic Intelligence offers customized consulting services that allow your business’s analysts, brand managers, and executives to tap into the collective wisdom of the world’s leading demographers.

The following sectors benefit from our demographic forecasts and analytics: juvenile products, household products, financial services, insurance, medical, childcare, retail, and food.

Detailed data on births by key characteristics of the mother are usually released by National Center for Health Statistics several years after the date to which they apply which makes federal data of limited usefulness. Our forecasts are available 24 months before births happen. With our forecasting model, we diligently monitor the changing underlying economic, demographic, and cultural conditions that impact women of childbearing age. Our projections have proven to be exceptionally accurate in predicting birth trends and offer a tremendous value to companies that focus on children and families.

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